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We believe soft play manufacturer should be an essential part of any stadium, not just a afterthought. First of all, it is worth creating a natural “fabric” that explains the main ways people move from the site (“desire” lines) and then create natural elements around it. Think about it from the start, then create game elements around natural elements, not the other way around. Today in the last post of our series we will be talking about 10 of our favorite items from Natural Playground, which are low cost, easy to install and helps take a little green to the children’s play area.

  1. The hills. Each mound needs clean filling. You can get it from your own garden or stop driving in trucks and save it from the trash. The whole soil is a mixture of things: clay, clay, sand, etc. A great way to find out what it is, take a small hand and put it in a glass jar, fill it with water and sprinkle it until it is completely melted, and if it is really sandy, it will sink to the bottom. The bottom, the water will be very clean. If there is a lot of clay, the water becomes very muddy, and if it is clay, it will be somewhere in the middle. So you may need to customize the content, i.e. if there is a lot of clay, you may need to cover the mountain with sand, soil, or mulch so that it does not slip. Top is the best! It is a good idea to climb parts of hills, grow different plants and mark some paths. Help stop erosion with sand, gravel, stones, logs, etc., to help with this part of the slope.
  2. The sand. All children have a natural affinity for sand. This is an original stadium. It does not dry like dough or paint, does not become solid and needs retrofitting as clay. Yes, you get stuck in your shoes and pockets, but it cleanses your skin cleanly, and you can spend your entire lunch playing on it, which does not bother the teacher. Sand properties are great. Good sand can be poured through the fungi and run like a liquid, but add some clean water and you can build roads, tunnels and castles. And best of all, tomorrow you can do something completely different. Here at Playground Ideas, sandboxes are the only ingredient we think every play should have.
  3. Trees are a great addition to any stadium. Not only does it look great, it can also be climbed, also provides shade, and also adds free portions that kids can play later, like sticks, pods, foliage, etc. It also brings worms, butterflies and insects. To the stadium and it can also build from built elements like swing tires, tree houses, etc. Try incorporating the trees into the stadium design, or explore local trees in your area and plant your own trees.
  4. Flowers and vegetables. Another great addition to any playground that helps children understand and love parks. Why not involve children in growing flowers, herbs and vegetables that they can pick up and eat? We love making beans as well as children! Sensual sensations of scented herbs, a vibrant floral color scene and a group of sweet peas or peas are perfect for all babies, but especially for babies with touch.
  5. Inspection stations are any plants that grow and interfere with the ground level of about 2 meters in the field of view. Some are tall, thin plants (for example, bamboo), others are busy and wide, good for mazes, closed and quiet areas, walkways and columns that stop moving in certain directions, and so on, they protect areas from unwanted walking. Depending on where you are in the world and the time of day, plant examination can provide great shade and protection from hot sunlight in the early morning and late afternoon.
  6. Tour records and stumps of the steps. Kids love to jump between scores and circular logs or stumps, which is great for this. You can create sand limits or be on the field

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