Preparing a soft play playground for Corona virus

he normalization process is carried out gradually worldwide. In other words, restrictions on the indoor soft playground industry will soon be lifted.

The right steps could mean that the indoor soft playground business could make a profitable profit in the coming months.

How can I protect indoor soft play areas from the risk of corona virus?

1) Professional cleaning and cleaning

This is the most important element to help you, guests and staff.

Important cleaning measures to consider include steam cleaning and cleaning, similar to professional cleaning, as well as structures that are not covered by normal sanitary measures.
Steam cleaners and other office equipment increase the quality of cleaning by causing damage that cannot be achieved with standard cleaning methods.

Another important issue to consider is antibacterial detergents. This professional vacuum cleaner is EPA registered and FDA approved for food contact surfaces. It is harmless to people and animals without color, transparent and odor.

They prevent microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens from sticking to the treated surface. Traditional disinfectants are effective and sensitive solutions for a few seconds, but the antibacterial coating system constantly fights microorganisms to prevent differentiation.

Take videos and photos during this disinfection process and share them with guests via email or social media.
This makes it easy to gain trust!

2-) Follow the cleaning procedures for the customers coming to the indoor soft playgrounds.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, indoor soft play areas need to be cleaned several times a day with a cloth, and you should wash your hands and use disinfectant before entering and leaving indoor soft play areas. ..

You should also add a hand cleaning station and leave more wipes than you want to use.
In the case of the Corona Virus, inform the customer that the comfortable indoor soft playground and disinfectant can be used internally in the counseling room.

Staff should encourage children to visually inspect.
Children should not play on soft playgrounds if they have visible signs (fluid, nose or other nose), or audible signs (such as coughing).

In addition to posting expert cleaning procedures on social media and websites, print cleaning instructions.
Hang it on the wall and place it on the outside door to watch it in a comfortable soft playground.

In this way, you can see that the client has adopted a cleaning strategy and is stable in this regard.
You need to be with healthy people in a clean and disinfected indoor soft playground.

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