Indoor soft playground design

The indoor playground functions like an indoor gymnasium.
It also meets the entertainment and learning needs of children in all types of weather conditions.
Indoor soft playgrounds are concentrated in places like shopping malls and restaurants.

Create an indoor playground so parents can have a fun and convenient time during which they want their parents to spend their individual time.

When designing a comfortable playground, it is necessary to provide the optimum relaxed state for the needs of the child.

By controlling physical environmental conditions, we increase the child’s comfort to the desired level and determine the quality of the area.

Considering the physical environmental conditions in the design process, it will provide maximum comfort and allow your child to spend maximum energy.

Physical environmental conditions are handled in three groups: visual comfort, auditory comfort and thermal comfort.

Visual comfort; natural and artificial lighting, colors, textures, materials;
Hearing comfort; noise, soundproofing;
Environmental conditions such as thermal comfort, ventilation, humidity, air quality, heating are included.

In order to meet the needs of the child, the physical environmental conditions of the indoor soft playground that create optimum comfort conditions must meet the required qualifications.

Therefore, a safe design is guaranteed, taking into account the conditions of the indoor playground.
Children consume the most energy in indoor playgrounds, so they do not adversely affect their health.

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